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that I may defend what is Holy.

Defend me, O Holy Spirit
that I may never lose what is Holy. Amen


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The new Prior Provincal and the Councilors of the OAD Philippines Province of St. Nicholas of Tolentino

The Order of Discalced Augustinians - OAD, Prior General, Most Reverend Fr. Doriano Ceteroni arrived already in the Philippines to spearhead the 2nd Provincial Chapter in the Philippine Province of St. Nicholas of Tolentino.

The Chapter kicked-off last February 26, 2018. The deputies discusses the internal issues of the Order and elected today (March 5, 2018), the new Provincial, his Very Reverend Fr. Luigi Kerschbamer.

Fr. Luigi was the pioneer OAD missionary in the Philippines since 1994 as delegate superior.

This German-Italian friar arrived in Cebu without any single english words and no place to live but with the help of late Emiritus Recardo Cardinal Vidal who accepted to start the Order in Cebu 24 years ago.

The Friars shouted, Habemus Provincialem! They are happy of welcoming the new Prior Provincial of the Philippine Province.

Congratulations, Fr. Luigi and your new set of provincial councilors: 1st Councilor - Fr. Robin Dumaguit, 2nd Councilor - Fr. Jimboy Monticilio, 3rd Councilor - Fr. John Biton, and 4th Councilor - Fr. Libby Danos.

The thanksgiving mass

Words of gratitude and encouragement: “Sure, why not?” as the core messages of the newly elected OAD Prior Provincial – Very Reverend Fr. Luigi Kerschbamer, during his thanksgiving mass.


Fr. Luigi, prayed and hope that during the evaluation and mission assignments of the Priests and Brothers of the Order, may obediently say “sure, why not,” for the good of the Order and of the Church, it is a good manifestation of the virtue of obedience as one of the evangelical vows of the consecrated persons.

After the Mass, the OAD PRIOR GENERAL, His MOST REVEREND FR. DORIANO CETERONI, received a token of appreciation for his presence and support of the 2nd Provincial Chapter of the Philippine Province of St. Nicholas of Tolentino.

Posted: 10 Mar 2018


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