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St. Joshep- Patron of the Order Pray To The Holy Spirit

Breathe in me, O Holy Spirit,
that I may think what is Holy.

Guide me, O Holy Spirit,
that I may realize, what is Holy.

Attract me to you, O Holy Spirit,
that I may love what is Holy

Strengthen me, O Holy Spirit,
that I may defend what is Holy.

Defend me, O Holy Spirit
that I may never lose what is Holy. Amen


Catholic Bishop of Phillipines (C.B.C.P)

Order of St. Augustine (O.S.A)

Order of Augustinian Recollect (O.A.R)

The Augustinians of the Assumption (A.A.)

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354 13 November: Augustine is born at Thagaste to Patricio and Monica
361 - 366 Elementary studies at Thagaste
367 Sent to the nearby Madaura for his studies in Literature and Rhetoric
369 - 370 His studies are interrupted because of economic difficulty, returns to Thagaste and passes a year in idle.
371 With the help of Romanianus he is able to continue his studies in Rhetoric at Carthage. His father dies. Augustine lives with a woman.
372 The birth of his son Adeodatus
373 Reads Cicero's work, The Hortensius, and is delighted with its wisdom. Tries to read the Scripture does not understand. He joins the Manicheans.
374 Professor of Grammar at Thagaste. His mother does not want him in their house. Becomes a guest of Romanianus
375 Death of a friend. He opens a school of eloquence at Carthage
376 Teaches Grammar at Thagaste; but soon returns to Carthage to teach Rhetoric - gains a prize.
380 - 391 Composes the tract on Beauty and Conduct. Distances himself from Manichees
383 Encounter with Faustus of Milevi. Disillusioned by the Manicheans.Leaves for Rome. He becomes ill. He avoids the Manicheans. Becomes skeptical.
384 In autumn through the intervention of the Manicheans, he is sent by Simmacus, prefect of Rome, to Milan and becomes professor of eloquence. He visits Bishop Ambrose.
385 January 1: renders eulogy for the consulate of Bautone. In Spring, Monica reaches him from Africa. November: renders eulogy to Valentinianus II.
386 Reads Platonists. First experience of ecstasy.Reads St. Paul.Returns to the Catholic faith. First days of August: accounts of Ponticianus, the scene in the garden. Decides to renounce his profession and his marriage. The mother of Adeodatus, nursing hurt feelings, returns to Africa. In the middle of October, gives up his teaching career. In the first days of November, gathers his friends in the village of Verecondus in Cassiciaco. Prepares for Baptism. In November, he writes On Happiness and the Academic Controversies. In December he writes On Order and during winterThe Soliloquies.
387 Returns to Milan. Registers for Baptism. April 24-25, on the night of Easter, he receives his baptism with Alypius and Adeodatus from the hands of Ambrose Decides to return together with them to Africa. Meanwhile, he writes The Immortality of the Soul and begins writing The Music. In summer: together with them, returns to Africa. In Ostia Tiberina, his mother becomes gravely ill and dies. Scond sojourn to Rome.
388 In Rome, he writes The Grandeur of the Soul, The Tradition of the Catholic Church, On Free Will (that he finishes in 395). In the first half of August: leaves Rome. Stays a few days in Carthage.Returns to Thagaste, where together with his friends, intends to live a life in common.
389 Writes The Teacher and continues The True Religion.
390 Death of Adeodatus and perhaps of Nebridius.
391 Ordination to the priesthood. Founds the first monastery for the lay.Writes The Purpose of Believing.
392 August 28 - 29: disputes with Fortunatus, the Manichean who disappeared from Hippo. He starts The Exposition of the Psalms (which he finishes 422).
393 December 3: Plenary Council of Hippo, in which Augustine delivers the discourse The Faith and the Symbol.
394 Alypius is made bishop of Tagaste. June 26 - the First Council of Carthage.
395 - 396 Consecration to the episcopate. The start of his long anc active pastoral ministry in Hippo. Writes The Christian Battle and The Christian Doctrine (which he finishes in 426)
397 June 26: 2nd Council of Carthage. August 28: 3rd Council of Carthage. Augustine actively participates as bishop of Hippo. Starts compose The Confessions (finished before 400)
399 Begins to write The Trinity (finished in 421). On April 27 opens the 4th Council of Carthage.
401 June 15: 5th Council of Carthage. Writes The Dignity of Marriage and On the Holy Virginity.
402 In August 7 is brought to Milevi for the 7th Council of Carthage
403 August 25: 8th Council of Carthage
404 June 26: 9th Council of Carthage. December 7 & 12: dispute with Felix, a Manichee.
405 August 23: 10th Council of Carthage
407 At the end of June: 11th Council of Cathage. Begins The Commentary of the Gospel of John(the first 16 tracts) which he continues afterwards in 418 and finishes in 422)
408 June 16: 12th Council of Carthage; October 13: 13th Council of Carthage
409 June 15: 14th Council of Carthage
410 June 14: 15th Council of Carthage. In August 18, the Goths, led by Alaric, ransack the city of Rome. Augustine stays in Carthage at the end of September and then in winter, stays near Hippo to restore his health
411 In June 1,3 & 8: the great conference between Catholics and the Donatists in Carthage, in which Augustine plays the major part. In the same period he writes The Punishment and the Remission of Sins.
412 June 14: Synod of Cirta
413 Begins The City of God, finishes in 426.
416 September to October: Council of Milevi where Pelagius and Celestinus are condemned.
418 May 1: 16th Council of Carthage. September 20: in Cesarea of Mauritania, where he is ordered to go by Pope Innocent I, he disputes with Emerico, a donatist bishop
419 May 25: 17th Council of Carthage. Starts writing On Marriage and Concupiscence, The Soul and Its Origin, The Disordered Marriage.
425 December 18: delivers a speech (discourse) on The Life of Monks and the Clerics
426 After January 6: the second discourse on the same argument. Semptember 26: consults the people and designates a successor in the person of Eraclius the priest. Begins writing The Corrections and the Grace, The Grace and the Free Will, and The Retractions
427 September 24: Council of Hippo, the last in which Augustine participated
429 Writes Predestination of the Saints and The Gift of Perseverance
430 In August 28 Augustine dies and is laid in his tomb while Hippo is besieged by the Vandals
725 (ca) Because of the barbarians, his remains are transferred to Sardinia then brought to Pavia in the Basilica of St. Peter in Cield'Oro.

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