Mother of peace


St. Joshep- Patron of the Order Pray To The Holy Spirit


Breathe in me, O Holy Spirit,
that I may think what is Holy.

Guide me, O Holy Spirit,
that I may realize, what is Holy.

Attract me to you, O Holy Spirit,
that I may love what is Holy

Strengthen me, O Holy Spirit,
that I may defend what is Holy.

Defend me, O Holy Spirit
that I may never lose what is Holy. Amen


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St. Monica Institute of Religious Studies came to reality five years ago in 2004 from the vision and desire of the Order of the Discalced

Augustinians (OAD) in the Philippines and their formation community to give a balanced and integrated human, Christian, Augustinian Religious formation and program of studies for the OAD Candidates to religious life and the priesthood.

Due to felt needs of imparting and augmenting areas of religious life and Augustinian studies to the formation and theological program of the OAD professed brothers, the community started with a theological school affiliated to the University of San Augustine at a time when the university was operating under autonomous status granted by the Commission on Higher Education.

SMIRS While the Institute started its operation as an extension of the Graduate School of the University of San Augustine in June 2004, the Memorandum of Agreement between the OAD - Cebu and the USA Fathers was signed on August 27, 2004 (Feast of St. Monica) in Tabor Hill, Talamban, Cebu City in the presence of the Superior General of the OAD, Most Rev. Antonio Desideri and His Eminence Ricardo Cardinal Vidal.

The Faculty and the staff included the OAD, the OAR and the OSA Fathers in Cebu and from other religious congregations. A pool of instructors and resource persons with qualified credentials was formed to cater to the subjects contained in the 4 year curriculum. The first year of operation has 14 students and in the second year another 14 were added, not to mention some religious sisters attending as observers to enhance their formation to consecrated life. At the third year, 12 freshmen enrolled. During the fourth year operation 16 students entered First Year Theology.

SMIRS While the Institute aims to cater to the needs of the present community of religious OAD brother in preparation for their priestly ministry and as Discalced Augustinians bracing for the challenges of the Church and of our contemporary world, the OAD Fathers envision to make SMIRS as a center of Theological studies and of religious life in Cebu as well as of Asia.

If by now this is the vision, tomorrow it would be a major contribution of the Augustinians and of the Discalced Augustinians of Cebu to the whole Church. The OAD mission would then extend itself to education, formation and animation of religious life not only in Cebu but to the neighboring countries such as India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Myanmar…. As a light of Asia.



 A religious institution committed to promote holistic formation to priestly ministry and consecrated life through excellent theological, religious, Augustinian education based on the profound knowledge and love of the sacred sciences.


  St. Monica Institute of Religious Studies aims to prepare candidates to the priesthood and consecrated life through learning the Gospel of Christ and the ideals of religious life, the mystery of the church and the pastoral ministry and other theological disciplines.

It is committed to:

  • Offer comprehensive religious and theological courses for religious men and women
  • Integrated theology with updates on consecrated life and the evangelical vows thereby enhancing preparation of the students to the life of being religious as well as to the mission of being ministers of God's word
  • Enhance knowledge on Augustinian studies and spirituality
  • Strengthen the link between the ideals of community life with today's evangelical and pastoral needs in the Church.
  • Create an atmosphere of dialogue and collaboration with other religious congregations so as to work for effective methods and approaches for new evangelization.


    St. Monica Institute of Religious Studies (SMIRS ) offers an integrated course on Religious Life and Theological disciplines designed to cater to the candidates to the priesthood and Augustinian religious life. It integrates comprehensive theological training and Augustinian studies with renewal and updates on consecrated life.

This integrated course in theology and religious life has three areas of concentration, namely:

  • Theological, sacramental and biblical disciplines
  • Religious life and the evangelical vows
  • Augustinian Spirituality

    The program of studies is conceived after considering the needs of seminary formation with due respect to solid doctrinal and theological training while the charism of the Order should be attended too. Hence, Augustinian spirituality and mission in the Church form part of the curriculum. Pastoral ministry is also enhanced.

    The program welcomes candidates who are graduates of 4 - year college courses. However, those who do not undertake at least 18 units of Philosophy should take such objects to comply with the requirement of seminary policies. Thus, before embarking on the first year of theological studies, students should have acquired Philosophical background and Augustinian orientations. To meet this requirement the program offers two learning phases:

  • The Preparatory Course - designed to grant students with 18 units of Philosophy; allow them to improve their English language facility; and orients them to some foreign language subjects such as Italian and Latin.
  • The 4 - year integrated course - deals with theology, religious Augustinian subjects, and pastoral and spirituality areas - designed to prepare candidates to solemn profession of vows and to their ordination to the priesthood. M. A. in Religious Studies is granted to those who are qualified.